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a.r.t. artistic + areola
restorative tattoo, Llc.

It started as an idea - to help raise industry standards to realism,

To make sure survivors have access to tattooists capable of realism,

To help tattooists learn how to execute realism in scar tissue,

And to create high quality products to support this idea in every way.



We believe that every survivor deserves a realistic restorative tattoo.  The A.R.T. Team is a global collective of vetted colleagues that we know will do GREAT work for you!



Restorative and paramedical tattoo professionals have a demanding job, and they need the highest quality tools to do their best.  A.R.T. sets the standards!



Since paramedical artistry is done on the body it needs to be taught from a body artist point of view, and our trainer has had a mastectomy herself!

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