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Stacie-Rae had been tattooing professionally for almost 15 years when cancer came into her life, taking her uncle and then her mother.  It wasn't long before she found out it was hereditary and opted for an advised prophylactic mastectomy and decided to change her career focus.

She had alot of experience with scar tissue by this point and was suprised to find that most tattooists that she worked with didn't even have a basic understanding of how scars behaved.

She was travelling and training people how to do artistic areola restoration and knew something had to be done to help them learn without harming clients.

Samantha Rae was Stacie-Rae's protege, and the heARTist who did Stacie-Rae's beautiful mastectomy scar coverup, also specializing in this work with the same heart for it.

On a flight back from the UK, Stacie-Rae sketched up a concept for a scarred practice system that could help survivors who wanted to do mastectomy work.  She didn't realize at the time that Samantha had a background in silicone and special effects, and Sam whipped up the first concept, a mastectomy breast form, more beautifully created than Stacie-Rae could have imagined!

When Samantha asked her what skin tone she wanted it in, she yelled "are you KIDDING - ALL the skin tones, ALL of them" and asked her patent lawyer if this existed yet.  It did not, so they also began the patent process.

Debuted at the PMU Women Of Color conference, where Stacie-Rae also won "Areola Artist of the Year 2019", we then set out to starting to create the other ideas we loved!

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